The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is asking drivers to keep an eye out for turtles that might be crossing area roadways.

Summer is here and while you may be planning a family vacation or a fun weekend, turtles in the Garden State are busy laying eggs. To do that, turtles often cross roads and that's where you can help them.

In a press release, DEP Acting Commissioner Catherine R. McCabe said,

With summer approaching, New Jersey’s turtles are on the move looking for nesting sites to lay eggs. This puts them in great danger as they frequently have to cross roadways to find the right location. We encourage motorists to drive cautiously so the turtles can cross roads and arrive to their nesting destination safely.

So what can you do? The DEP says don't tailgate while you're driving -- allowing more space between you and the vehicle in front of you can allow you to see if a turtle is crossing the road. If you do see a jaywalking turtle and you want to help it along, pull over if it safe to do so. Move the turtle in the direction that it was going, but not too far (and, no, you don't need to take it to the nearest body of water).

Thinking of taking one home as a pet? Bad idea -- the NJDEP says all native turtles are protected in the state.

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