Of course, New Jersey has to have some sort of tie to this ridiculous incident that erupted in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At least this rage didn't end with harm to anyone other than a sore loser who can't play a simple board game.

According to this story from KATV in Oklahoma, a family gathering became violent over a game of Monopoly. Yes, the famous board game that's based on Atlantic City. That very Monopoly most of us played while growing up, and still do play as adults.

Fortunately, that's the only Jersey tie in this story that we know of. According to reporting from KATV, the family had been "playing Monopoly together when a fight erupted between" the gunman "and his stepfather."

Pause for a minute there. A gun? really? over Monopoly? Look, those of us here in New Jersey know how stressful our Atlantic City-based game can be, but even we know not to get violent over it.

Sopranos Monopoly
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The reporting goes on to say that "after knocking over the game board and flipping over furniture, they were told by other family members to take the fight outside." It was shortly after this moment that the family member drew his gun and chased other family members outside.

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He did fire off one shot into the ground. Thankfully, that's all it was and nobody was harmed. It's very fortunate that it didn't escalate further or this could've ended up much worse.

After police were called, he was promptly brought to jail, and no, he wasn't able to pass go or collect $200 afterward. Perhaps the cost of Park Place or the Boardwalk was just a little too much for him.

Hasbro Announces New Monopoly Playing Figure
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Is it possible that our Jersey-based board game is responsible for bringing out all that rage?

We have our fair share of rage on the roads, but not over our board games. Is it possible that Monopoly causes so much stress that it makes people snap like that?

I do have a family member who could never handle losing in Monopoly and acted in a similar way, but without the gun. If this family member of mine was losing badly enough, they would start yelling and flip the board just like what happened here. But again, no gun was ever involved.

Monopoly Broadway musical
NJ teen swaps Voice teams, Monopoly goes Broadway - The NJ Breakroom (Thinkstock)

Look, we should be glad people all over the country love our iconic game, but we need to keep our heads cool if fortunes don't go our way. Not all of us will own hotels or land on free parking, after all.

Now yes, the family was drinking some alcoholic beverages at the time, but is that really uncommon? The fact that this particular family member took it to the level he did is just sad. And honestly, it's a good thing the only Jersey tie here is related to a board game.

Speaking of sore losers, have you ever played a game that somehow got out of hand thanks to someone who can't handle it when they lost, or are losing? Take the poll below and let us know.

Again, it's great that friends and family all over love to play a game that's based in the very state of New Jersey. But please remember that it's only a game, it's not intended to end in violence.

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