Some towns and beaches have fees to get onto the sand, but a new bill that just received approval in the state senate would allow towns to waive fees for military veterans.

The legislation sponsored by Ocean County State Senator Jim Holzapfel (R-10) would give towns the opportunity to offer free or discounted beach access to veterans, their spouses, and children.

“We want to welcome our veterans who were willing to risk their lives for our nation to our award-winning beaches,” Holzapfel said in a statement. “It is because of the dedication and commitment of our military men and women that we, as Americans, enjoy the freedoms we cherish.”

Holzapfel explained that as of right now, municipalities are permitted through power of  ordinance, to be able to provide free or reduced-fee beach access to active military service members and their families.

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His bill, S-1454, would extend the courtesy to anyone who previously served in the armed forces as well.

“I have been pushing for this bill since 2015, and reintroduced it in every legislative session since,” Holzapfel said. “I am thankful the Senate supported this well-earned benefit for vets as an expression of our appreciation for their service.”

His fellow 10th District Republicans, Assemblyman John Catalano and Assemblyman Greg McGuckin, are sponsoring the bill in the Assembly.

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