For the last few weeks, we haven't heard from President Trump. However his name lived on in the media coverage of his second impeachment trial which he from which was again acquitted.

Now that he's won, he plans to start speaking again in the coming weeks. This has to be great news for the media who were forced to cover Jill Biden's signs of love on the White House lawn and late-night hosts who have had to rely on non-Trump bashing in their monologues. It hasn't been easy for the media.

It also hasn't been easy for the GOP since Trump's still far and away their party's most popular candidate, even though some of their politicians have turned on him, but not enough to sway the impeachment vote.

So now the fun begins. Trump will start speaking again and it doesn't matter if he's been removed from social media, his word will get out because when he speaks, the media listens and tells us all about it. They know that Trump is their ratings meal ticket, just like those lame late-night hosts know how badly they need him in their monologues.

Whether you love Trump or hate him, you can't deny that he's a ratings magnet. If I were him, I'd set up my own media platform where I could give my opinions on all that is going on in this country without fear of censorship or repercussions. Not only would his followers subscribe, they would advertise as well. But instead, Trump will focus on helping the Republicans take control of the House and Senate in 2022.

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After that could be the worst nightmare for those currently in office and the reason for this whole impeachment waste of time. Another possible run in 2014. Either way, Donald Trump is the most popular and polarizing figure in America and for as long as that lasts, the media will love him, even if they say they hate him.

I asked my social media following the simple question, "how do you feel about Donald Trump now?" Here are some of the printable responses out of the hundreds I received.

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