So much of the conversation in the past couple of weeks has been about how to safely cast your ballot in this very contentious election. There have been reports about multiple ballots being sent to the same household or ballots being mailed to people who have long been deceased. I received a ballot for my daughter, who has been living out of state for five years.

A Rutgers professor, who is purportedly an expert on the subject, says mail-in ballot fraud is very rare and we should not worry. Well, since she works for the STATE University and the party that favors the STATE and is the party of government is usually the party that plays games with elections, I guess she has nothing to worry about.

We have never had mandatory mail-in balloting before, so we are in uncharted territory. You have been allowed to mail in your ballot before, with voluntary absentee balloting, but that was not the norm. People are nervous that with the ballots being sent through the mail, and passing through more hands than usual, things can go wrong. If you decide to vote in person, it will be counted as a provisional ballot in New Jersey. That's never happened before.

A man in Alabama received an unsolicited New Jersey ballot even though he hasn't lived here in nearly a decade and has been registered and voted in the 2012 and 2016 in Alabama. We are one of less than 10 states that mandate mail-in voting. Only a few months ago we had problems earlier this year in primary voting in the city of Paterson. If we are allowed to line up in Walmart, Home Depot and our local grocery store, then how can standing 6 feet apart and masked up be any more dangerous? It smells fishy to many New Jerseyans who are naturally suspicious of state government.

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