The story comes from an 11 year-old boy who claims a man said "move your ass out of this country you (expletive) Indian you stealing our jobs and our money".

That's horrible to say to anyone, let alone an young boy playing outside a school in South Brunswick last week.

The police went through the trouble of going through security footage and finding the man who allegedly said this. He was there with his wife and three kids. The wife says she is also and immigrant and would never let anyone speak that way to a child.

So now what? The police actually spent time going through security footage, interviewed six people, and identified the man in question over WORDS.

Mind you, the alleged words were hurtful and offensive and there is no defending them. The kind of words my parents and grandparents heard when they first came here and they survived without an all out manhunt for the perpetrators.

Do we take the word of a father of three who's married to an immigrant or that of an 11 year-old boy growing up in a victim obsessed society? You can make up your own mind on that, but keep in mind a story from just last week. A 12 year-old African American girl in Virginia alleged that three of her white classmates held her down and cut off her hair. You can find plenty of sources for the original story but you really have to dig to find the ones that reveal that SHE MADE THE WHOLE THING UP. There have been countless examples of hate hoaxes over the last few years. It's such a phenomenon that books have been written about them.

So the question I have is which is worse that a grown man said a mean thing to a child or that someone would want to sow more seeds of hate by claiming in his community is a horrible racist? Again, that's for you to decide. But when ever I came running home to mamma to tell her what mean things someone said to me, she'd always say, "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me". I guess that era is over and now where in a new even scarier era. Where hurtful words are a major cause for using countless police manhours and people that make stuff up fade quickly from our memories but the tag of "racist" on a person or community lives on.

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