The most recent stunt pulled by Senate President Steve Sweeney may be an indication that this state is going to have to do something drastic in the next election.

Something that many people will find hard to swallow, but may need to be done to keep more people from fleeing this state. That is to elect an outsider from politics who will disrupt the shady politics that we've come to know and loathe. Here is an excerpt of just one email from one of the concerned citizens that witnessed the vote on the vaccine bill that is being voted on Monday. She was at the preliminary vote on Thursday and here's what she observed.

The first four members voted against the bill and had great arguments. The next vote was Sweeney, an obvious yes, and the next vote was affirmative and stated that this debate needed “to continue”, and then it was over. Literally over. The video can still be seen, although apparently Facebook tried to remove it. Once the continuum was ordered, there was no vote tally, it became a pass 6/4. It would have been the opposite if Sweeney hadn’t acted unethically, that’s a fact. There were empty chairs for the replaced Democrats who were to oppose, and from what I understand, the were able to cast those affirmative votes in abstentia???

This is unbelievable to me. I find it hard to believe that this is actually a legal practice. People are outraged, and frankly I’m frightened. This felt like anything other than a democracy, it made me think and feel what it must feel like to live in a country with no rights. This is the first time I’ve actually felt afraid living in this state.

The bill now goes before the full assembly and senate this Monday. Many of us will continue to barrage the committee members as well as the governor, and attend this Monday, but it feels like a losing battle.

People need to act, attend and many do not even know what is happening. This is not a vaccine debate issue, it’s a civil rights and religious freedom issue and I hope people understand that. The great debate will go on for the rest of days, let it, but this is about way more than the measle outbreak.

It is insane to me that the government has the amount of power that they do, and that they blatantly stack committees to their favor. Also, people who are posting information about this on their Facebook page, are being removed from posts, blocked from certain groups and videos are being removed?? WHERE ARE WE?

How can we allow our state government continue to act this way? By not voting or voting ​for the same miscreants that do this sort of thing. It's up to to get involved or, you may choose like so many others, to get out!

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