Try violating a state or federal law and see how much help you get from the government in the way of legal fees.

Well since you're a legal, tax paying citizen, the answer from the state or the feds is, "go f&@# yourself!" BUT, if you're here illegally, you just might be in luck. The Murphy Administration announced Monday they've earmarked $2.1 million to help people here illegally avoid deportation.

To rub salt in the wound of the wounded NJ tax payer, advocates for the plan, like the ACLU, say it isn't nearly enough. They would like $10 to $14 million to adequately do the job. And the job is...TO GET MORE VOTERS! 'Givernor'Murphy doesn't care if people get sent back to their home country out of compassion and human kindness. It's about building the voter base of people who think government is there to provide for you. And Latin American is chock full of people that come from countries where that is the prevailing mind set. Don't let anybody tell you any differently.

The perfect storm of apathy, disgruntled state workers, and Republicans and Democrats disappointed in Christie (plus a shitload of Murph's money and some big promises) got this guy in there. And it'll take a lot more than last week's storm to get him out of there. I don't know about you, but I'm praying for stormy weather!

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