Sunday morning around 10:30, I got an alert that this Facebook post was blowing up. It's a video of shoppers allegedly at supermarket near the shore that had a line way out into the parking lot.

People are standing at least six feet part with empty carts. Major stores like Walmart, Target, and Home Depot were taking similar measures, keeping shoppers out of the store to avoid overcrowding.

I was planning a trip to my local supermarket later Sunday afternoon, but I got in the car and drove to my market to see if the chaos had hit there. Luckily, it's a smaller, family run store and there were only about a dozen customers and things were normal. About 2/3 of the patrons were wearing masks and a couple of the employees. It's definitely getting more strange out there with each passing day. I would only wear a mask to make others feels secure. I feel like writing a message on the outside, like the thing you say when you break up with someone. "It's not you, it's me!"

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