A man from Somers Point has been convicted of murder in connection to an armed home invasion in Atlantic City in 2020.

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On Tuesday, a jury in Atlantic County convicted 27-year-old Oshshakkur Derrick on first-degree felony murder, first-degree armed robbery, second-degree conspiracy to commit robbery, first-degree kidnapping, second-degree conspiracy to commit kidnapping, second-degree aggravated assault, and second-degree possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose charges.

Authorities say on November 22, 2002, Derrick, and another unidentified man, broke into a house on the 100 block of North Pennsylvania Avenue in Atlantic City.

100 block of North Pennsylvania Avenue in Atlantic City - Photo: Google Maps
100 block of North Pennsylvania Avenue in Atlantic City - Photo: Google Maps

The jury found that Derrick and the other man broke in in an attempt to burglarize it but unexpectedly found two victims inside a bedroom.

One of the victims, a male identified as "J.O.", was shot in the chest and ultimately died from his injury.

The other victim, a woman with the initials "H.A." woke up to a gun being pointed in her face.

During the invasion, H.A. was tied up and struck with the firearm. The men threatened to shoot her if she didn’t tell them where money was located. She was then struck in the head and placed in the bedroom closet. Once the men left, H.A. was able to get free and call 911.

Sentencing is scheduled for August 7th.

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