We have had the first Coronavirus related death in America, in Washington State.

We offer our sincere thoughts and prayers to this family at their time of supreme loss.

Fortunately, President Donald Trump took early and sweeping action to curtail airline flights from China to America.

The usual Democrats called President Trump a racist for taking this action. They are a very dangerous open borders political

There should be no doubt that The President’s swift action kept thousands of infected people from entering The United States.

Without this action, I have no doubt that we would have lost containment here in America.

In the end, this may turn out to be one of the most decisive decisions ever made by an American President.

The President has now limited travel
From Iran, parts of Italy, South Korea and elsewhere.

President Trump has also placed a Level 4 travel advisory status into effect.

The President is also asking all Americans to exercise caution regarding travel to all of Europe.

There has been some panic. Stores are selling out of the N95 (95%) and N99 (99%) filter/face masks.

The federal government infectious disease experts have assured all Americans that there is no reason to wear a face mask at this time.

The President has also confirmed that we presently have 43 million face masks on hand.

Additionally, The President has confirmed that The 3M Company will produce 35 million per-month and other companies will also be increasing their production.

For now, it’s important for the face masks to be available for affected patients and our health care professionals, who at this times are the ones who need them the most.

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