I am so sorry to report that radio talk show king Rush Limbaugh has announced that he has advanced lung cancer.

All of us privileged to be a part of the spoken word radio format owe Rush so much of our gratitude over the past 30 years.

Without Rush Limbaugh, there would be no Sean Hannity; nor so many other relevant talkers at all levels; national, regional and locally.

Rush’s impact on our industry cannot be overstated.

I am absolutely crushed to learn this news just now.

Rarely does one individual have such a profound impact of one industry and the American daily discussion.

Rush was experiencing shortness of breath and he hopes to be back on-air in just a few days.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rush and his family.

This much I do know ... Rush is a fighter and not a quitter.

He will fight this disease with the same dedication and determination as he has tackled every tough issue over the past 30-plus years.

Rush Limbaugh is “The Babe Ruth” of talk radio.

Rush is presently 69 years old. He has acknowledged that he will be on-air as often as possible; but, shared that there will be times when his treatments or reactions to treatments will keep him off-air.

I’m a strong believer that prayer really works and can deliver astounding results. Please join with me in a prayer chain for Rush.

His family needs him. America needs him. He is the single greatest individual voice in American Talk Radio history.

It is impossible to properly and accurately measure his overall significance.

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