NEW BRUNSWICK — Gov. Phil Murphy came to the defense of a Jewish fraternity at Rutgers University after their fraternity house appears to have been egged on Monday during Rosh Hashanah.

Rutgers spokeswoman Dory Devlin said a fraternity member on Monday morning notified the Rutgers University Police Department that three eggs were found broken on the sidewalk near the side entrance to the fraternity house.

There was no damage to the fraternity house and RUPD is investigating.

Gov. Murphy reacts

“To those who vandalized @RutgersU's Jewish fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Phi, during Rosh Hashanah, I say this: Antisemitism has no place in New Jersey. I will always condemn and speak out against bigotry and intolerance,” the governor said in a tweet.

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year holiday celebration and is the start of several major holidays for the faith in the next few weeks.  Yom Kippur is Oct. 5 followed by Sukkot on Oct. 10 and 11.

Rutgers is criticized

New York/New Jersey ADL Regional Director Scott Richmond thanked Murphy for his support in a message on his group's Twitter account.

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"Thank you Governor Murphy for always speaking out against antisemitism. ADL NYNJ will always be your partner in this fight. As we end our holiday and look forward to a new year with optimism, I am deeply saddened to learn of this hateful act and worry what the new year has in store," Richmond wrote.

The Jewish Leadership Project blasted Rutgers following the incident on its Facebook page.

"Where are the Jewish leaders? And why were they not protecting the Jewish community," they wrote.

Fraternity house has been attacked before

Fraternity members reported anti-Semitic comments were made after the pro-Palestine student group Students for Justice in Palestine held a rally in April, according to

Several cars went by the fraternity with Palestinian flags waving out the window, according to members, and an egg was thrown at the house.

Students for Justice in Palestine denied any involvement, according to the report.

According to the group Stop Antisemitism's 2022 report Antisemitism on U.S. College & University Campuses, Jewish students feel the administration takes their safety seriously but feel intimidated expressing their support for Israel.

"Many students feel unwelcomed in certain spaces on camps due to their Zionist beliefs," according to the report.

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And if you've never been to Lambertville Station you're missing out on a really great restaurant in a truly historic building.

It's housed in the building that acted as the Lambertville train station dating back to 1867.

The building and the town went through its tough times, but for the last 40 years, Lambertville Station has been serving diners in a casual upscale atmosphere with excellent food.

Last year a prominent restaurant group called Genesis Hospitality took over the historic dining spot and they've continued the excellence that has made this place a must-go-to spot anytime you're in town.

The menu consists of varied contemporary American favorites with plenty of options.

The food and the service are excellent and are a good fit for couples, families, and special occasions.

There is a first-class Inn on the property on the river across the parking lot if you want to stay over.

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