Officials in Cumberland County are now making it safer to buy and sell items online.

The Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office has announced that the police departments in Bridgeton, Millville, and Vineland, along with the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, are now designated as "Safe Trade Spots."

A Safe Trade Spot is described as a clearly marked area that has security measures in place so people who buy and sell items online can meet in person to safely finish the transaction.

In addition to being close to police officers, each spot in Cumberland County is monitored by surveillance cameras which record all activity.

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In a press release, Bridgeton Police Chief Gaimari said, "Giving people a sense of security to be able to meet up in person to conduct an exchange is a no-brainer. We jumped at the chance to provide a spot for people to meet up and even had additional security cameras installed to cover the meet-up area."

Cumberland County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae continued, "Providing public safety is my primary objective for this county. Using our law enforcement stations for these trades promotes commerce as well as security. I encourage everyone in our county to use these spots when completing an online trade."

Areas branded as Safe Trade Spots already exist at police department buildings in Mullica Township, Little Egg Harbor, Winslow Township, Glassboro, and Berlin.

Each area is typically marked with a green and white sign. There's no charge to use the Safe Trade Spots.


SOURCE: Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office press release, 02/23/21

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