Imagine going into a supermarket and instead of getting upset over how expensive everything is these days, you can walk around and buy anything you want.

Just don't forget to bring your bags...

For one person in the Garden State, that dream is now a reality.

Officials with the New Jersey Lottery said one lucky player purchased a ticket for the $10 Jersey Jackpot game and walked away with a $129,456 jackpot.

Money / Gold / Rich / Finance

That winning ticket was for a drawing on Wednesday, January 31st.

And yes, we did the math.

Assuming 40% of that jackpot goes to taxes, with the remaining money, here's what you could buy:

  • 18,000 gallons of milk
  • 19,000 pounds of ground beef
  • 26,000 loaves of bread
  • Somewhere around 40,000 pounds of apples
  • Around 8,000 pounds of cheese at the deli counter

That's a lot of cheese...

Lucky Location

That winning $10 Jersey Jackpot ticket was sold at ShopRite on Route 1 in Monmouth Junction, Middlesex County.

Winning lottery ticket sold at ShopRite in Monmouth Junction NJ
Winning lottery ticket sold at ShopRite in Monmouth Junction NJ - Photo: Google Maps

If you are New Jersey's latest big winner, congratulations!

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