With human life, marine life, and the South Jersey area overall being impacted by pollution in our waters, a mission has been set in place for May 19th in Cumberland and Salem counties to host the first ever "South Jersey Scrub."

The site says:

[A scrub is] a strategic, organized cleanup initiative that targets a particular watershed, county, or region... [it's] a way for people to take action together in one or more individual cleanup events over a period of time, for big impact.

Scientist are saying that by 2050 there could be more plastic in our ocean than fish. Local organizations here in our area are partnering with the Delaware Estuary to clean up over 500 pounds of litter here in South Jersey.

The city of Bridgeton as well as New Jersey Clean Communities are taking part by providing the clean up materials needed for the project, such as gloves and bags.

To take part in the South Jersey Scrub or to get more information, check out their site here.

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