Over the past few years, it seems that beach closures due to contamination have increased.

According to the Department of Environmental Protection, between 2005-2017, beaches were closed due to contamination 212 times and there were 395 advisories in New Jersey.

What causes the contamination? Run-off.

More specifically, bacteria from pollution (sewage). This usually occurs after a lot of rain.

While the closures may seem like they are protecting you from swimming in our own filth, you could still be doing it before the pollution gets detected.

It takes a few days for water samples to be collected, tested, a secondary water sample collected, and another test to be performed before they close a beach.

Gross, right?

Which beach in South Jersey was in the top 10 overall?

25th Street Bay Beach in Barnegat Light tied for 6th place based on data from the Department of Environmental Protection.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It is somewhat reassuring that out of the 10 most contaminated beaches in the state, South Jersey only has one on the list.

From 2005-2017 the 25th St. Bay Beach in Barnegat Light was closed 3 times and had 12 contamination advisories.

Which other beaches made the list? Check out this article from NJ.com.

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