Spirit Airlines is making a key change to two fees long bemoaned by customers.

The budget airline announced on Monday they will no longer charge travelers change or cancellation fees.

Industry experts say change fees used to be commonplace in the airline industry before the pandemic but are not anymore.

Over the last several years the larger air carriers have stopped charging for itinerary changes on full-fare economy tickets --- including the "Big Three"  --- American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines.

But not the discount airlines...until now.

Why Spirit Decided to Make This Change

Until this announcement, travelers on Spirit could previously make a free itinerary change if completed two months before departure.

Otherwise, travelers changing a trip could pay $69, $99, or $119 — depending on how close the change was to their trip.

Budget airlines have resisted making this change, but Frontier Airlines announced several changes in their ticketing policy recently, including doing away with change and cancellation fees for most travelers.

Spirit had promised to change their business plan as they fight to make the airline profitable following the unsuccessful merger with JetBlue.

"We have been listening to our guests, and general airline passengers, and have been reviewing the competitive set of products in the industry," Spirit CEO Ted Christie said during the company's May 6 earnings call.

Could There Be More Changes By Spirit Air?

Some airline analysts think more changes may be likely for the Atlantic City International Airport carrier.

“This new policy is among the best in the industry because it applies to each and every guest,” a Spirit spokesperson said in a statement given to CNBC. “We have many other enhancements in the works and look forward to sharing more soon.”

Spirit's end to change and cancellation fees is already in effect — it went live Friday, the company said on Monday.

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