A question that we have to ask ourselves here in the Northeast: When are the spotted lanternflies coming back?

Spotted lanternfly on maple tree
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I know. I hate to be that Negative Nancy to bring up this question while we've been enjoying their absence so far this year. But here we are at the cusp of spring, and as we know, the spotted lanternflies come back when it's warm out.

They've been familiar to us for years - their red and black bodies, and brown and red wings are unmistakable.

Photo by Magi Kern on Unsplash
Photo by Magi Kern on Unsplash

They may be kinda pretty at first glance, but be not fooled; they are PESTS. Although they're not directly dangerous to us or our pets, they're destructive to 70 different types of trees and plants and their poop can attract mold, which can damage our property.

Spotted Lanternflies never left.

Just because we can't see them in the bitter cold winter months, doesn't mean they're not there.

Adult spotted lanternflies lay their eggs between September and December. They lay their eggs on hard surfaces such as tree bark. Even though the adults don't survive the winter, their eggs do.

When will spotted lanternflies hatch in New Jersey?

We'll start to see eggs hatching in the spring. Hatching takes place in May, according to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture.

Photo by Jen Dries on Unsplash
Photo by Jen Dries on Unsplash

After they hatch, they'll be in their 'nymph phase." They look more like black and red beetles. Kind of like ladybugs but a bit freakier-looking. The red ones are older and closer to adult stage.

Once they grow into adulthood, it'll be about July, and they can be found all the way through December. 

If you happen to see a mass of eggs, it'd be best to scrape them off before they can hatch this spring.

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