Reliable sources have confirmed exclusively to WPG's Harry Hurley that there may be a student walkout at Egg Harbor Township Public Schools Thursday.

Plans to stage this appear to be in the works at this hour.

If this occurs, it would be similar to a student walkout in the past regarding a video.

Tomorrow's possible student walkout would be because of The Board of Education's vote last night to not implement a transgender policy for The Egg Harbor Township Public Schools System.

If there is a student walkout tomorrow, my well placed sources have confirmed that it will be handled just like the last time this occurred.

Then, all the students were given the opportunity to go back into school without repercussions. They had 12 buses standing by ready to transport any students (home) who would not return to back to school.

I will have more to say about this tomorrow on "Hurley in the Morning" on WPG Talk Radio 104.1.

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