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Revel To Reopen in 2018?
The colorful history of Atlantic City's Revel-- er, TEN (do we call it TEN even though it never reopened with the new name?) -- appears to be starting yet another new chapter in its abbreviated life.
Reopening Soon?
Real estate developer Glenn Straub is aiming to have the former Revel open by Presidents Day weekend, according to the The Press of Atlantic City.
Inside Scoop About Inside Revel
In a major exclusive, Townsquare Media's Harry Hurley has confirmed the following incontrovertible facts that will dispel the many rumors that have been circulating for more than a year regarding Revel Hotel & Casino - and details on when it may reopen.
Borgata, Bankrputcy, & More
It's been all over the news lately: Borgata asked a judge Monday to force Atlantic City to pay over $62 million in tax refunds, but the city doesn't have the money. Mayor Don Guardian addressed the issue exclusively on WPG Talk Radio 1450.
A Look Back at 1946
The now closed Atlantic City Race Track, most recently known as the Atlantic City Race Course, opened back in 1946 and this video showcases what the track looked like in its opening year.
Revel (Finally) Sold (Again)
As a bankruptcy court judge approved the sale of Revel to a Florida real estate developer, Stockton University students protested in front of its neighbor over Trump Entertainment's disapproval of turning Showboat into a college campus.
More Revel Drama
The saga of trying to find a new owner for the failed $2.4 billion closed Revel casino continues as a developer from Los Angeles is now apparently interested in buying the facility out from under Glenn Straub.
New Price For Revel: $82 Million
In what appeared to be a never-ending saga of trying to find a buyer for the closed Revel casino in Atlantic City, the deal for Florida developer Glenn Straub to purchase the casino, which was killed last week, is back on.

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