Lou Greenwald

NJ Starts 'Red Flag' Gun Law
A "red flag" law that allows courts to order guns to be temporarily removed from people identified by police or family members as a danger to themselves or others takes effect Sunday in New Jersey.
NJ Lawmakers Advance 6 Gun Bills
At a five and a half hour hearing Wednesday during which gun owners and gun-control advocates traded turns at the microphones, a state Assembly committee started a half-dozen bills on a path toward a governor eager to sign them.
Last-Ditch Fiscal Plan
Gov. Chris Christie's administration has until Tuesday to decide whether to accept Atlantic City's five-year financial plan or reject it in favor of a takeover.
Headed for Bankruptcy?
“If they come up with something, great,” Christie said of a legislative compromise. “If they don’t, then bankruptcy would be the only option. And while I would regret having to go down that road, it is a road that I will have no choice but to go down.”

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