Troy Singleton

Is NJ’s workforce job-ready?
The tax dollars New Jersey’s residents send to Trenton are being used to train and educate state employees. Several lawmakers felt the state should produce an annual report on the job readiness of its workforce.
Security increases for NJ child welfare workers
Last November, just days after police officers were removed from New Jersey child welfare offices in a cost-cutting move, a caseworker was stabbed in her Camden office by a client. Following that attack, the state Department of Children and Families took immediate and long-term action.
Bill would make Megan's Law more effective
Sex offenders would have to provide more information for posting on New Jersey's Megan's Law registry if the Garden State's statutes were brought in line with the federal Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, according to one New Jersey lawmaker.
Death of Cinnaminson firefighter spurs new legislation
In mid-November of 2014, Cinnaminson firefighter Chris Hunter passed away just hours after he finished his last shift. The cause of death was attributed to a cardiac event. Because Lt. Hunter did not die in the line of duty medical coverage for his family was cancelled abruptly.
NJ foreclosure help bill advancing
There may be some good news for Garden State residents on the verge of losing their homes. A bill to establish a three-year "Mortgage Assistance Pilot Program" has been approved by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.