Wharton State Forest

Stopping ATV Damage
For years, hikers, hunters and others have complained about damage being done by ATVs in Wharton State Forest. Will a new map protect the ecology?
Wharton State Forest Fix
In the heart of the Pinelands National Reserve, Wharton State Forest is dotted with a series of ecologically-sensitive areas known as intermittent ponds that are home to many of the region's unique animal and plant species. And people are destroying them.
ATV's in New Jersey
On the same day we ran a story about the fact that there are zero public options in New Jersey for riders of all-terrain vehicles, an online petition was created to make a change.
Fall Foliage in New Jersey
Besides summer, fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Especially since it's still warm enough during the day to spend time at the beach. I enjoy the crisp cooler air in the early morning and night.

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