Forbes magazine is out with its annual list of the country’s best employers and a New Jersey based company tops the list.

Here’s how they arrived at their results:

The annual ranking, produced in partnership with market research firm Statista, is the product of a survey of employees at U.S. companies with more than 5,000 workers. Survey respondents were asked to rate their employer, and if they would recommend their employer to others…. 600 organizations were included.

New Jersey has six companies in the large company category’s top 100, as well as the number one firm.

Being named the country’s best employer is Novo Nordisk, a leader in drugs and biotechnology with 55,000 employees and a facility in Plainsboro. Its worldwide headquarters is in Denmark. It is the world’s largest producer of insulin and is the company behind Ozempic.

Insulin Drugmaker Noro Nordisk To Drastically Cut Prices Of Diabetes Drugs
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The others:

⚫ American Water Works (#52) in Camden. The utilities company, founded in 1886, has over 6,500 employees
22nd Century Technologies (#67) The IT Software and Services company is headquartered in Somerset; it has 6,000 employees.
⚫ TD Bank (#82) The banking and financial services company, headquartered in Cherry Hill, has over 94,000 employees.
⚫ Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield (#90) The insurance company, founded in 1932, has over 5,000 workers.
⚫ Anywhere Real Estate (#94) The business services and supplies company is headquartered in Madison has over 8,200 employees.

Some other information on how the companies were chosen:

Responses were given by current employees, employees who had worked for the company within the past two years, and individuals familiar with the company through friends, family or peers in their industry. Greater weight was given to evaluations from current employees and former employees. New to the methodology this year was the inclusion of data from the past three years—with more recent data weighted more heavily—to better identify companies that have been rated well consistently over time.

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