Yesterday, we reported about the Vote by Mail totals for Atlantic County through last Friday, October 22, 2020.

At that time, Democrats had turned in almost 9,000 more votes than Republicans.

We now have obtained data from this past Saturday and Sunday. Republicans have made-up ground.

Democrats added 1,176

Republicans added 2,653

Unaffiliated added 2,555

Here are the total vote by mail ballots cast through Sunday, October 25, 2020

Democrats = 35,218
Republicans = 27,841
Unaffiliated = 21,283

Total ballots cast = 85,572 through 10/25/20.

Republicans have picked-up a net 1,477 votes during this past Saturday and Sunday.

Yesterday, a few thousand more votes were cast. We don’t have a break down of the votes cast by party.

I’ve spoken with key players on both the Democrat and Republican sides.

Democrats are cautiously optimistic.

Republicans are worried. However, they believe that ballots went out later in the mail to their strongholds.

Republicans are encouraged by this past weekend and the number of ballots received.

You can place your ballot in the mail or drop it off at any of the below listed drop off locations.


We will continue to update the numbers on a daily basis.

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