The famous ‘Our Gang’ - “The Little Rascals” television series has turned 100 years old and a marathon is playing right now on the Xfinity platform.

I painstakingly combed through all 60 child actors who appeared between 1922 through 1944, all casted directly by the legendary Hal Roach.

I was running out of time to see if any of the major children actors were born in New Jersey.

I reached # 57 and finally hit pay dirt. I found “Little Mickey,” who was played by Robert Blake, later the main star of the Baretta television series.

“Little Mickey” was a major “The Little Rascals” cast member.

He was born Mickey Gubitosi and would later be known as Robert Blake. He was born on September 18, 1933 in Nutley, New Jersey. He died earlier this year on March 9, 2023 at age 89.

Although Blake became very famous for his various television series and movie work … Blake later became notorious when he was charged with the murder of his second wife, Bonny Lee Bakley.

Blake was ultimately acquitted in a jury trial … however, Blake lost a later civil trial that was filed by Bakley’s three children.

A jury found Blake civilly liable and ordered Blake to pay $30 million. Blake immediately filed for bankruptcy.

“The Little Rascals” has entertained generations of viewers, both young and old alike for the past 101 years.

Much tragedy befell many of “The Little Rascals” cast members, including those like “Alfalfa” (Carl Switzer) who was stabbed to death; another committed a murder and then proceeded to kill himself … along with other cast members who met tragic and untimely deaths and various hardships.

Switzer also appeared in the iconic James Stewart, Donna Reed, “It’s a Wonderful Life” movie by Frank Capra.

What few may know or remember, Capra was a main screen writer for “The Little Rascals.”

Like many children actors, Switzer had a very difficult time transitioning from a child actor to an adult actor.

Switzer was murdered when he was just 31 years old.


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