While we think about the virus almost constantly, it's often easy to overlook just how far the impacts of COVID-19 have reached into everyday life.

One of those everyday-type things you might not think about is the impact the virus has had on your local fire department.

A Facebook post by the Mays Landing Fire Department Monday night caught my attention and they could sure use your support.

They point out,

For the MLFD, the increase in expense for PPE (masks, gloves, disinfectant, etc) coupled with the fact that we've been unable to rent out our banquet hall a single time in 2020, nor have we been permitted to hold any of our annual coin drops, this year has left us looking for new ways to help fund necessary expenses like training, PPE purchases and equipment purchases.

The men and women of the Mays Landing Fire Department are selling MLFD masks for $10. Since we all need a mask anyway, why not show your support for a local fire company?

Should you be interested in buying one, the MLFD says, "masks can be purchased for a mere $10 any Tuesday night by dropping by the MLFD at 6081 Reliance Ave between 6pm and 8pm. Supplies are limited so it is first-come first-served."

And, yes, we are well aware that every fire department, EMT crew, and countless other local organizations are looking for ways to financially make ends meet. The next time you're thumbing-through social media, take an extra couple of seconds to see if any organizations in your area are holding a fundraiser... those you depend on will appreciate it!

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