I knew about Taber’s Toyland from the earliest age.

Taber’s Toyland was Atlantic City, New Jersey’s own version of FAO Schwartz … or, if you’re a fan of the Home Alone movies … it’s the equivalent of “Duncan’s Toy Chest.”

It was amazing. Every visit to Taber’s Toyland felt like Christmas day.

i want to share some comments about Taber’s Toyland that I found on the Facebook Page - I GREW UP OR LIVED IN ATLANTIC CITY, NJ.

Bill Walton wrote, “Taber's was my absolute favorite place in the world when I was a kid growing up on Brigantine Island. A trip into AC that included a stop at Taber's was always a better trip.”

Ronald Koegler wrote that “In 1946 it was run by David Tabor with stores at 1019 Atlantic and at 813 Boardwalk, (according to Atlantic City Directory).”

Ronald L Corky Hall wrote, “That's when it was at States Ave and the Boardwalk. I was a "lucky kid", my mom was one of the store managers.”

Hall also wrote, “The store between Virginia and Pennsylvania Avenues was open in the late 50's. It was really small. Can't remember whether it was open year round or not. Worked there there a couple of weeks before Christmas in 1960 and 1961 putting together bicycles, wagons, and running stock from storage which was above another store front to the store. Baseball, Football cards, Lionel and American Flyer trains.”

Vernon Robbins wrote, “Then they move to Atlantic Avenue..in the 1960s, because I live right around the corner from them!”

John Russell wrote, “I worked there, started on the States Avenue store, then Haddon Hall. Worked Christmas season on the Avenue store.”

Kay Lubiejewski wrote, “ALWAYS stopped to look in their windows! GREAT stuff!!”

Kathy Banker wrote, “Absolutely! Loved the large stuffed animals in windows.”

John Gordon wrote, “The huge buffalo in the front window! Wanted that bad.”

We went to Atlantic City High School with Andrea Taber, a great person. All of us who went to school together had only the fondest memories of Taber’s Toyland.

Taber’s Toyland was a magical place, which in its early days was called Taber’s Toy-A-Rama.

As always, I hope that you enjoyed this walk down Atlantic City memory lane.

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