I bet your Super Bowl Party didn't include a baby being born on the living room floor!

Gabrielle says she went to the hospital Saturday night after having contractions all day.

She says she was told it was just Braxton Hicks contractions, or false labor pains. "Go home", they said, and see your doctor at your already scheduled appointment on Wednesday.

That's all fine, but apparently somebody forget to tell little Carter that it wasn't his time to arrive just yet.

Gabrielle says she kept waking up during the night with more contractions. Finally she woke up Sunday morning, and her water broke. She said at that point, her contractions were "excruciating."

Her fiancee, Matt, called for an ambulance.

Before the ambulance arrived, three Little Egg Harbor Township Police officers arrived - and they ended up delivering little Carter - all 5 pounds and 15 ounces of him. Carter checked into the world at 10:34am. He's 19.5 inches long and Mom says he's perfect!

Courtesy of Gabrielle and Matt
Courtesy of Gabrielle and Matt

Gabrielle says the Parkertown EMS arrived on the scene, helped Matt cut the umbilical cord, and took Mom and baby to the hospital.

Huge thank you to all these emergency workers and being there for me in the craziest experience of our lives. Our little boy is sooo healthy and doing perfect!! Poor little Jacob is probably traumatized but he already got to meet his new little brother!

Gabrielle tells me that she and Carter should be headed home on Tuesday.

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