This story is just devastating. The community of Tuckerton is mourning the loss of two of their own.

Stacy and Keith Kaznowski both died in accidents on Monday, several hours apart in different crashes.

Stacy died around noon on Monday and Keith died several hours later on the same day according to the

GOFUNDME page has been set up for the Kaznowski family.

They've helped out so many times in the community, says Haley Giacobbe, who started the GOFUNDME page. She says their kids now need the help of the community.

Stacy & Keith Kaznowski were two of the most loving & genuine people I’ve ever met. Always a glimmer of light in such a dark world. They were the neighborhood parents of Tuckerton, everyone and anyone knew them as mom and dad as they made their home a safe and loving place to all. As tragedy has hit I’d like to ask everyone to help my friends (their kids) Logan & Kylie with funeral expenses as this was so unexpected they hadn’t had time to plan or make arrangements should anything like this happen. Logan’s taken on such a big role in only a matter of hours and I for one out of many people who grew up with Logan and Kylie think we owe it to Stacy and Keith to help their children through such heartache as they’ve done for us thousands of times As Stacy would say “she loves us all infinity xoxo” now it’s time to show her kids how much we all love and cherish them too.

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