Ventnor City Mayor Beth Maccagnano Holtzman is not sitting back any longer while some in Atlantic City are erroneously spreading the word that ice skating and ice hockey at the Atlantic City Skate Zone participants are “whites only from out of town.”

It’s a disturbing (similar) narrative that Atlantic County Commissioner Ernest Coursey utilized back in April, 2022 when he called Egg Harbor Township a “white town,” which it is not.

If you missed our previous report about this disturbing issue involving Coursey, here is a link to our coverage:

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We interviewed Mayor Holtzman this morning, Sunday, December 11, 2022 about the Atlantic City ice skating rink, its present and future.

The Ventnor Mayor did not hold back:

“I don’t wish to attend an Atlantic City Council meeting, but I will if I have to because what's in the works for the Atlantic City ice rink are very very disturbing to me and I will tell you why,” said Holtzman.

”I've heard so many times that Atlantic City officials want to change it to a rollerskating rink because the ice skating rink is used by all ‘white kids not from Atlantic City.’

“I've done my research and for many years dating back to the rink on the boardwalk and then the skate zone, there was a program for Atlantic City kids, affording them the opportunity to play hockey and all of the costs were covered, inclusive of equipment, meals, travel etc.,” said Holtzman.

“When does the racial lines get cut,” questioned Holtzman. Jackie Robinson. a true legend broke through the racial lines when segregation was alive. Art Dorrington broke through the racial lines and the Atlantic City program was named after him,” said Holtzman.

“There are children in Atlantic City that would love the sport and in my opinion excel,” said Holtzman.

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Holtzman shared about the time when the Atlantic City, Chelsea area football team dissolved … “Ventnor graciously accepted these children and we changed our residency requirements to accommodate these young men,” said Holtzman.

This is a real life example of collegiality between two municipalities, when they work together with no political or racial agenda at work.

Holtzman also advised that the Atlantic City ice skating rink is used on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a group of children with Autism.

Holtzman‘s solution is to leave the ice skating rink and build a roller rink. “There are plenty of funds in CRDA for economic development to make capital improvements to ice rink,” said Holtzman.

“Taking down this ice rink affects hundreds of children in our County, with nowhere to go except to travel to Brick Town,” said Holtzman.

With competing $3 billion development plans for Atlantic City‘s Bader Field, it would be rather simple to include both an ice skating rink and a rollerskating rink, most likely to be located in a different section of Atlantic City.

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