Will your kids be up for a McWawa? Because the convenience store chain is now offering Kids Meals.

Wawa has just found a new way to make feeding your kids convenient AND fun.

The Wawa Kids Meal boxes look like they took some inspiration from the McD's Happy Meal, and I'm totally cool with that. There are colorful meal boxes (like yellow and red tiger stripes and blue polka-dots) that reportedly includes an entree, a side, and a beverage for your little one (or ME!, lol). They range in price from $3.99 to $5.99, 6abc.com reports.

As for how your kids can build their meal box, they can choose a turkey, ham, roast beef, or cheese Junior hoagie, chicken strips, small meatballs, small chicken noodle soup, or small mac & cheese for their entree. Side choices are chocolate chip cookie, string cheese, yogurt, apple slices, and chips (1 oz.). They can have milk, chocolate milk, or water as their beverage.

But, wait, there's MORE. You didn't think Wawa forgot to include a prize did you? Each Kids Meal will include a pack of holographic trading cards, featuring Wawa's mascot, Wally Goose.

This is also the part of the story where I ask, 'Wawa has a MASCOT?' Evidently.

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