How did many people in South Jersey cope with watching election results trickle-in Tuesday night? One word: alcohol.

And not just alcohol. A lot of alcohol.

As reported by Forbes, alcohol e-commerce company Drizly tracked the sale of booze and found sales were up a staggering 58 percent across the country compared to the four Tuesdays before Election Day.

What is even more interesting is who bought what.

According to Drizly, Democrats favored wine over anything else -- more red wine was sold than white. Wine, overall, outsold hard liquor and beer.

As for the other side of the political aisle, Republicans went with harder booze like bourbon and vodka.

Liquor sales in blue states, like New Jersey, were up a staggering 75 percent compared to the four Tuesdays before Election Day.

All of this cheers'ing comes as Americans deal with election fatigue. A Pew Research poll found that over the summer -- well before we all went to drop our ballots into a box -- 59 percent of us felt "exhausted" by the amount of election coverage.

How do you counter all of this stress and anxiety? Experts say, of course, never turn to alcohol. The best things you can do are put down your phone and catch-up on everyday life if things are starting to fall behind. Beyond that, give social media a rest and get outside -- clean your car, take the dog for a walk, or even go down to the beach and just take a short stroll.

If you do feel overwhelmed by politics, take advantage of this weekend's beautiful weather. Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow says Saturday and Sunday will be sunny with high temperatures around 70. Get outside and enjoy it!

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