It's one thing when you experience something tragic in life and then let it consume you. But it's another when you take that experience, run with it, and do something good. Which is exactly what Jesse Billauer has done.

If you read the full story from the link above, we learn that Jesse has dealt with some hardship of his own. But through his organization called Life Rolls On, Jesse brought his event "They Will Surf Again" to the Jersey Shore, where dozens of disabled individuals gathered in Wildwood Crest Sunday to simply enjoy the water, life, and quality time with others who understand what they're going through and who want to help.

Jesse says, "Whether you were born with a form of paralysis or were injured recently; whether you see yourself as an athlete or the opposite; whether you're young or not so young, YOU BELONG HERE." He says all dreams can come true in a community that cares.

Check out the video from the event

If you would like to get involved for any of the upcoming Life Rolls On Events, or would like to donate to help this cause continue to grow, check out their website for more information!

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