Out of all of the things that you can buy at Wawa, what's the worst item you can grab as a snack?

The editors at Philadelphia Magazine recently assembled their "Worst of Philly 2022" list and they answered that question.

Well, technically two snacks made the list, but one is unique to Wawa.

If you're a fan of their hoagies, no worries here. PhillyMag didn't knock those -- although diehard hoagie fans like to bash the bread that's baked in-store.

A recent Wawa hoagie lacked some hoagie-ness - Photo: Chris Coleman
A recent Wawa hoagie lacked some hoagie-ness - Photo: Chris Coleman

If you guessed the new Wawa cheeseburger, you would be close but not correct.

It would be easy to call the newish Wawa hamburger the worst food at Wawa. Yes, it’s treacherous. But it was always going to be.

Nope -- it's the Wawa soft pretzel.

Wawa soft pretzels don't look like this - Photo: bhofack2
Wawa soft pretzels don't look like this - Photo: bhofack2

In a city known for its soft pretzels, PhillyMag said,

...recent examples we’ve encountered have been bland, bready and damp, like a low-quality roll made soggy by wet lettuce. Also: Good luck finding one with a respectable amount of salt.


And on an editorial note, I'd add that having them wrapped in plastic doesn't help matters, either. The plastic seems to keep them soggy. And yes, where's the salt?!

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Of course, talking about soft pretzels and Philadelphia makes me think of how most people bought them back in the day -- some random guy would be standing on some random street corner with some soft pretzels that were made somewhere and you'd buy a bunch. Never once did you ever question when that guy last washed his hands (fact: he never did). Yet, somehow we all survived. And probably built our immune systems at the same time.

In an era of hand sanitizer oozing out of everyone's soul, could you imagine buying something to eat that way today?

Those were the days.

As for the second awful snack, PhillyMag demolished the 215 Special Sauce-flavored chips from Herr's.

While I wouldn’t have guessed that the combo of salt, pepper, Heinz ketchup and hot sauce — for which Philadelphia isn’t even particularly known — would evoke the sensation of chomping on a barbecue chip dropped in a puddle of cotton-candy vomit, that’s exactly what is happening here.


If you're a fan of all things Philly, their Worst of 2022 list is very well done and certainly worth a read.

Meanwhile, getting back to Wawa... we have some ideas.

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