It may be an innocent act, but there are consequences for releasing helium balloons in Atlantic City, Ventnor, Longport, Margate, and now you may be able to add another South Jersey beach town to the list.

According to Shore News Today, an ordinance was introduced at a City Council meeting which would make it illegal to release lighter-than-air balloons in Brigantine. The fine could cost you up to $500. Yikes! The report states that the next meeting to determine the status of the balloon ordinance is scheduled for April 19th.

The ban is a way of protecting local marine life from harm. Balloons are often times mistaken for food by animals. Sea birds are also affected since they can get caught  which can get caught in dangling balloon ribbons.

For more information on this action, check out Balloons Blow, a website that lists the states and countries where it’s illegal to release any type of balloon.


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