Whether it shows up in your primary inbox or gets sorted by your spam filter, do not click any link in a text message that your phone notifies you have been sent -- from your own number.

FOX 5 New York is reporting that Verizon customers have been experiencing a scam that offers a "little gift," a clickable URL, in appreciation for paying their March bill. The report does not specify what happens if the link is tapped.

Verizon told FOX on Tuesday that it believes "bad actors" are behind the scheme, and that the company has contacted U.S. law enforcement to help identity who the actors are and stop them from sending these texts.

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According to the FOX 5 report, Verizon is asking users who receive this message to forward it to the number 7726, or SPAM, and write "spoofed number."

Forwarding the text will not flag or block a customer's number, Verizon said.

Verizon spam screenshot
Verizon spam screenshot (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

Customers can also tweet @VerizonSupport, where they will be prompted to direct message the help account, FOX 5 reported.

Alternately: you can just delete the text, and forget about it.

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