A survey of 300 human resource managers by staffing firm, OfficeTeam, has found that job seekers take themselves out of the running for a job by what they post online.

Negative comments were the biggest red flag, followed by risque photos and incomplete or old profiles.

Here's a list of the 5 worst types of people to be on social media. Check it and see if you are one of them!

1 - The Cranky Critic

Venting on social media feels good at the moment, but if all your posts are fueled by a sense of righteous anger, you come off looking like a crank.

2 - The Superfluous Selfie Poster

Too many photos of your beautiful face make you look like you have an out-of-control ego, you are insecure or you lack confidence.

3 - The TMI Transgressor

How much is too much to reveal about your personal life online? If a post could cause your boss or future employer to question your professionalism, don’t share it.

“Don’t talk about how drunk or high you got last weekend. Don’t talk about how you faked being sick so you could take an extended weekend with your friends,” suggested one human resources pro.

4 - The Connection Counter

Don’t be the guy who has 500+ connections on LinkedIn. Focusing on quantity rather than quality when building your professional network can actually hurt you.

5 - The nonchalant networker

17 percent of those surveyed said infrequent posting, an incomplete or out-of-date profile, or no profile at all were the biggest social media flubs among job seekers.

These people just aren’t doing a good job of selling themselves on social media, even though more than half of hiring managers surveyed said they checked out sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to research potential hires.


Source: OfficeTeam