In case you needed another reason to check out Wildwood during their 'Celebrate America' weekend, we have one word for you. Bacon.

That's right! Wildwood is throwing an awesome Beach Bacon Festival during their “Celebrate America” weekend leading up to the July 4th holiday.

Tickets are $45 for adults and only $20 dollars for children. The festival is set to take place July 1st from 3 p.m.- 10 p.m. for a day of live music, games, and of course BACON.

To get everyone in the spirit, we have found some of the oddest bacon products the internet has to offer.

  • 1

    Bacon Toiletries

    See, I love the smell of bacon. However, I don’t love smelling like bacon. That is a big difference.

    But, if you like bacon so much that you think you might be able to attract other bacon lovers with some cologne or soap that smells just like it, these are the products for you!

    Accoutrements via Amazon
  • 2

    Bacon Lip Balm/Toothpicks/Toothpaste

    Starting your day off and don’t have time for breakfast? Stuck at your desk and you feel a bacon crave starting to kick in, but it’s not lunch just yet? What do you do? Well, one of these bacon flavored products might be able to curb your appetite. At least for the moment. Maybe.

    Accoutrements via Amazon
  • 3

    Bacon Mayo

    Yep, you read that right. This is just extremely lazy. Basically, it's for the people who love bacon but don’t want to go through with the effort of making bacon. COME ON BACON LOVERS, YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS!

    JDS via Amazon
  • 4

    Bacon Lollipops

    Talk about being the cool house in the neighborhood on Halloween. Just grab a big bag of these to hand out to the little ones and you might just see the adults trick or treating at your doorstep before the night ends.

    Das Lolli via Amazon
  • 5

    Bacon Baby Formula

    Whoa baby! Make bacon-loving a family affair. I love this idea, just train them from the very young age to always demand bacon with every meal they have. Brilliant!

  • 6

    Bacon Spray/Candles

    Remember waking up on Saturday morning, smelling bacon, and immediately running downstairs to find your mom or dad making a home cooked breakfast? Well, now that might not always be the case. With these candles and bacon scented spray, you can be tricked into thinking the smell of bacon is for a greater reason than it really is.

    Candeo Candle via Amazon
  • 7

    Bacon Chocolate

    I don’t think you can say “I love you” any better than giving the one you love some bacon chocolate. Seriously, it's salty, sweet, and completely delicious. What's not to love?

    Vosges via Amazon
  • 8

    Bacon Coffee

    The idea of “breakfast in a cup” has never had a truer meaning.

    Brown Dog Java via Amazon
  • 9

    Bacon Spam