Atlantic City's boardwalk is a big part of American history. In fact, it was the first boardwalk ever created.

The Atlantic City Boardwalk is shown in this photo circa 1950s to 1960s. (NJ State Archives: Dept. of Agriculture Photos / Box 25)

Started in 1870, it was built to keep the sand out of tourists' shoes and away from the rugs of the local hotels.

Stockton College of New Jersey tourism expert Israel Posner said the first boards were a loosely-knit configuration laid down along the shore by local hotels.

"So it wasn't like there was a boardwalk. There were many, many boardwalks, continuously-evolving and changing over the period of time, and it still is the case."

Posner said the boards and train service from Philadelphia lured tourists to Atlantic City back then. And even though it's been copied more than 60 times, Atlantic City's boardwalk is still the oldest in the country.

The oldest and longest of all the boardwalks in the U.S. has been dubbed the "Salt Water Taffy Capital of the World." James Candy Company sells their signature taffy in souvenir boxes and by the bucket.

Fans of battered food will enjoy nibbling on fried Oreos and fried pickles from Vanina's Ice Cream as they take in the view.