If your pet has had surgery, an accident or is suffering with arthritis, chiropractic care and rehabilitation can help them get back to living a better life. Dr. Mark Newkirk of Newkirk Family Veterinarians talks about the benefits of animal rehabilitation and chiropractic therapy.

We don't think of chiropractic therapy for animals, however it is a useful tool when trying to get animals to heal. This is a big step for the animals to getting back to their normal activities and feeling better. It’s important for pets to go through rehabilitation after an injury or a surgery to break up any scar tissue they may have and to get the pets feeling better in no time.

Getty Images/ Adam Pretty

Another therapy, which is used a lot at Newkirk Family Veterinarians, is laser therapy to heal inflammation in muscles and speed recovery in injured bones.

Alternative treatments for animals are very effective in helping our furry friends heal more quickly and get back to feeling better.


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