Body cameras are the latest tool New Jersey police departments are using to document daily operations on the streets. 

David Calvert, Getty Images

The Wildwood Crest Police Department has been using the technology for two years, and The Atlantic City Police Department has ordered the body cameras for use in a pilot program.  Wildwood Crest currently has about 20 cameras available for use, one per officer.

Wildwood Crest Sgt. Ed Gorski said the primary job of the cameras is to document any evidence at scenes of domestic violence crimes, but the cameras are used in other crimes as well.

Gorski said the video captured on the cameras can't be doctored.  "The evidence is remotely controlled.  We can't edit it, and it preserves the integrity of the evidence so that there's no tampering with the video that comes in."

The cameras can also be used to clear up or clarify allegations of police brutality.  "No longer is there a guessing game to see if the officers performed their duties correctly."