A new legislative supercommittee is being formed to help lawmakers get to the bottom of Bridgegate.

Asm. John Wisniewski addresses the media after a Bridgegate hearing in Trenton (Townsquare Media)

John Wisniewski (D-Sayreville), the chairman of the Assembly Transportation Committee that has been investigating the Fort Lee lane closures, will oversee the new panel. He said the committee could send out additional subpoenas on Thursday.

"Once we issue subpoenas to Bridget Kelly and to Bill Stepien and get documents and potentially testimony, that could largely direct where the investigation goes next," Wisniewski said.

Kelly, the governor's deputy chief of staff, and Stepien, a key campaign advisor, were fired last week after emails showed both were involved in Bridgegate.

Wisniewski said after that, several key members of the governor's inner circle could be summoned before the committee.

But how about the increasing speculation surrounding a possible impeachment scenario for Christie himself, if he's implicated in any email correspondence?

"As we sit and speak today, we do not have a document that links the governor to Bridget Kelly or Bill Stepien's action," Wisniewski said. "We have a great deal of suspicion, we have our doubts about his statement, but those suspicions and doubts don't rise to the level that we could even legitimately begin to discuss that."

The assemblyman seemed to resist the notion of including the governor in this next round of subpoenas.

"We're going to continue to do our investigation step by step, and follow the trail wherever it may lead us," Wisniewski said. "You could issue a subpoena to just about anybody, you could say that's a possibility. I really want to stay out of that area; we don't have a reason to do that yet. Let's cross that bridge when we come to it."

Courtesy New Jersey Assembly Democrats