Name recognition is a problem plaguing the Democrat who wants to challenge New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in November.


Screen shot from Barbara Buono's gubernatorial commercial "Names" (YouTube)

So Sen. Barbara Buono the candidate with the often-mispronounced name, has a new web ad telling voters who she is ... and is not.

In the ad starting Monday, Buono tells voters it's not Boh-NOH', as in Cher's onetime soul mate, Sonny.

Nor is it Bono (BON'-oh), the lead signer from the rock band U2.

But it does rhyme with Cuomo, the Democrat governor of New York.

Christie has released two television commercials, one positive and one negative, while a Democratic Super PAC has been running anti-Christie ads.

Neither Christie nor Buono faces a serious threat in the June 4 primary.

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