Governor Chris Christie is pressing ahead with plans to increase funding by several million dollars for group homes to house developmentally disabled Garden State residents, instead of institutions.

Governor's Office, Tim Larsen

"Entering this group home, you realize this is a warm and welcoming place, there's nothing sterile about this place, you see some of the artwork here from the consumers they have done themselves," said Christie, after visiting the Hilltop Group Home in Robbinsville.

He pointed out the facility has made adjustments to accommodate some of the physical challenges that some residents have, but at the same time, everyone is able to enjoy living together in a comforting environment that feels like home.

The Governor also said the idea is to create a place where residents have the best chance at having the highest quality of life they can have.

"This is not about saying one thing is right and one thing is wrong.  What's it's about is saying we have to provide options for people because not everybody is the same. Not every individual with developmental disabilities is the same, their differences are as profound as the differences of any one of our children in a family and so we need to make sure we do the right thing by all of them," said Christie.

He also stressed that more funds are allocated in his proposed fiscal year 2014 budget to expand group homes, and at-home services for those with developmental disabilities.