In his first public comment since Donald Trump named Indiana Governor Mike Pence his running mate, Gov. Chris Christie said he was "honored" to have been considered a contender for vice president.

"I like Mike a lot, as you guys know. I took Donald out there to meet Mike, because I thought it was so important to know him, because I think Mike is a really good guy. He's been an excellent governor," Christie said. The comments to a group of reporters at a hotel in Cleveland were captured on video by NJTV.

After speaking with the New Jersey delegation to the Republican National Convention on Sunday, Christie said he considers Pence him a friend.

"(Pence) is going to be a really good running mate for Donald and he's a friend. I'm glad he picked a governor, to tell you the truth. I think him having someone with governing experience is going to be really important to him after he's elected," Christie said.

Christie said he was "disappointed" not to be selected as a running mate but said he is happy to address the convention on Tuesday night, and has a busy schedule at the convention.

"Of course (I'm) disappointed. I don't get into anything I don't want to win. And so, when you're not picked, of course it's disappointing," Christie said. "I've been through this parade before, and I realize it's like getting hit by lighting. So, it didn't happen. That's fine. ... You get disappointed, you take a deep breath and you get ready for tomorrow. And here I am. I'll be speaking Tuesday night, I'm running the transition, and I have more things to do this week than I have time to do them,"

Christie said he believes Trump can win New Jersey in the general election because of his "long association" with the state.

"I think he's got a better chance to win the state than any Republican candidate we've had in recent memory. We'll see how hard he's going to work," Christie said.

Christie brushed off a question about whether animosity with Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner cost him the vice presidential nomination. "I don't know what you're talking about," Christie said as he got into a waiting SUV and drove off.

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