A corn maze is letting visitors get lost in the governor's race.

Corn maze with Chris Christie and Barbara Buono's faces at Stony Hill Farm Market in Chester (Stony Hill Farm Market via Facebook)

Chester farmer Dale Davis has cut the faces of Republican Governor Chris Christie and Democrat Barbara Buono into a corn maze at his Stony Hill Farm Market that opens to the public on Saturday, August 31.

"We did a political maze in 2008 of an elephant and a donkey. I chose this maze to recognize the election and to get people in New Jersey interested," he told the Star Ledger. "We have never done a face before. If you're going to do a face, you want to use a recognizable one. Everybody recognizes Chris Christie. I don't know that a lot of people would recognize Buono."

Davis says the corn was planted in June and took a dozen people to plant it properly. He would welcome a visit by either candidate and promises them free passes should they come.

Each campaign had something to say about the maze. "I believe this is the first time Governor Christie has been spotted in a cornfield outside of Iowa," Buono spokesman David Turner told the Star Ledger. “Feeling lost, directionless, and not sure how you're going to get to the end?” Christie spokesman Kevin Roberts quipped to the newspaper. “Sounds like a Buono supporter to me.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report