High temperatures will be well into the 70s one more time on Thursday, before turning significantly cooler for Friday and the start of the weekend.

Here are your weather headlines for Thursday, October 22, 2015...

One More Warm Day

We have enjoyed two beautiful, warm days as part of this "Indian summer" and today will be the third and final installment of this above-normal stretch. Despite cool morning temperatures mostly in the 40s, thermometers will climb to the mid 70s this afternoon. Overall, Thursday's weather will be similar to Wednesday's with a few exceptions... First, clouds will increase through the day, going from mostly sunny to mostly cloudy. Second, there is a chance for a shower in far North Jersey during the daytime hours as a weak little wave pushes through. (One of those "just can't rule it out" scenarios.) Third, a stiff breeze will kick up with gusts to 20 mph, especially this afternoon.

Transition to Cooler Weather

A cold front - the leading edge of a cooler air mass - will approach New Jersey tonight, spelling the end of our warm streak.

As with most fronts, there will be a chance of rain tonight... But a lack of available moisture will limit the rainfall intensity and totals. Any rain that does fall in New Jersey overnight tonight will be very light.

Behind the rain, the front will push through the Garden State by early Friday morning, and a brisk northerly wind will begin to deliver cooler air. High temperatures on Friday will be limited to the lower 60s at best - that's below normal, and about 15 degrees cooler than Thursday. The good news? Skies should clear away to sunshine pretty quickly on Friday. The bad news? The brisk wind will counteract the bright sunshine, and could make it feel blustery at times.

We are definitely approaching the time of year where all-day jacket use is required daily.

Next Weather Maker

Saturday stays cool - a morning frost is likely, and a morning freeze is possible. Highs could end up a degree or two cooler than Friday, in the upper 50s to lower 60s. There will be more cloud cover on Saturday as well, ranging somewhere between partly and mostly cloudy.

While Sunday looks a bit warmer, in the mid to upper 60s, we will also see our next chance of widespread rain. Unfortunately, it's not the soaker to stave off drought due to continuing below-normal rainfall. But a persistent light rain could fall over New Jersey for Sunday morning and afternoon.

Behind the rain comes another front and another resurgence of chilly autumn air. Monday's highs return to the cool upper 50s.

Dan Zarrow is the Chief Meteorologist for Townsquare Media New Jersey. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter for the latest forecast and realtime weather updates.