It may feel like the complete opposite when you step outside, but this summer in New Jersey isn't that hot.

At least not when you compare it to more than 120 years of weather records for the state.

According to State Climatologist David Robinson at Rutgers University, summer 2016 so far has been "warm."

"It has not been a record-breaking summer and it's not likely to be," Robinson told Townsquare Media.

July ended up ranking as the ninth-warmest July on record for the state, going back to 1895, but May and June temperatures were just a bit above normal.

And despite the almost-unbearable heat we've been dealing with on and off over the past few weeks, August so far is running only a degree above average.

"August has not been oppressively hot from the get-go. We did start off on the cool side," Robinson said. "We had a lot of clouds and we had some cooler air come in from the north."

Even if August continues this streak for the rest of the month, Robinson said, this summer still may not crack the top 10 warmest on record for New Jersey.

Adding insult to injury this time around is the humidity that's been blanketing the Garden State.

Robinson noted New Jersey has dealt with several hotter-than-usual summers over the past decade or so. We told you above that this July ranked as the ninth-warmest in the state. However, it's only the sixth-warmest since 2006.

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